Getting Naked

Getting Naked

The Good News and the other News

by Jane Twain on 09/13/15

I like to be honest with you, writing about sexuality and most of all my profession is not an easy task. I would say it is a task filled up with challenges, contradicting points of view, controversy. But if you look at it, it is a subject we are all interested in from late teenage years though our lives. It is a subject we all want to know about, are curious about and in secret desire to experience even a small part of it. Indeed it is a taboo in majority of cultures. Sex is not something one sould talk about and all things related to prostitution are bad. I know it to well from my childhood and teenage years. I grew up in a strict religious environment where sex before marriage is forbidden, and it is only a means to build a family. It was only by chance how I got to know opposite sex and only in my early 20 s I started to have erotic encounters. My curiosity took the best of me and I started to taste "forbidden fruit". From my experience in the Middle East, many men also start late. I would encourage them to explore this area of their lives despite shyness and traditionalism of the region.

Talking about writing, I have lately received an offer to write a book about my experiences in the Middle East, my modelling years in Europe and early 20s years leading to my desire to escape conservative household. I decided that I will take this challenge despite not having written a book before.  It also means I will be writing less in my blog for the sake of the bigger project. It will be a memoir which sould make you laugh, cry and get excited. I think my life has been nothing short of a movie so lets put it on paper! 


by Jane Twain on 09/07/15

Just returned from my yearly break to Europe. I have learned many things and have had many experiences. I admit that not all the experiences were good, but as one can say "what can not kill you, makes you stronger". I have new issues to think about and new ideas too. One of them is about finding balance. As I find out, finding balance is very important exp. in my line of work. I would like to mention to everyone reading my blog that keeping my profession on part-time (occasional basis) is essential to maintaining excellence of service and also to my own well-being. I would like to focus on a few special appointments per week. Therefore I shell keep my donations high to maintain highest possible level of our time together. No, it is not about money. In fact I do not consider it as the most important "thing" in my life. I also do read a lot, have hobbies and plans for the future. Ladies who charge half of what I do and who have a philosophy of meeting a lot of men do earn much more then I do. It is about balance, health, well-being and future. It is also (as I mentioned before) about quality of service and true intimacy between two human beings. Sex is not about simple physical act, so called "standard sex" which proofs to disappoint us. To me, sex means above all, having a courage to experience your own paradoxes, individuality, and willingness to surrender. I am looking forward to your comments. Jane 

My erotic dreams :)

by Jane Twain on 07/05/15

It is late evening and I am again on the flight leading to my sexual adventures. It is dark, with some lights dimmed, very few people are talking and it is hot which makes it impossible to relax. I am sitting here, bored, bored, bored, trying anything to get me in the more active mood, but all I manage is toss and turn as much as the little seat will allow. Play on my phone, Flip though a duty free magazine. Totally bored.

Flight is about to finish. We are starting to land. I do not really remember, did I fall asleep? I think I blank out! In the end something triggered my memory, because all of the sudden I am like Holy shit! I have just had the hottest sex dream I have ever had in my whole life. I will spare the details, but basically I am getting fantastic sex with a handsome stranger. So good! And guess what else? We were doing it an a garage (one of the places I know personally), which only makes this piece of theater more interesting.

The second I realized my act of public dream sex, I checked to make sure, my pants were dry, then nervously scanned the flight to see if anybody was starring, taking pictures or laughing. I was so worried about how I may have behaved during my sleep. 

At some point, everybody have had a roommate with an annoying sleeping habit. I mean you know, some people snore really loudly or do other strange things in their sleep. So what if right there in the middle of the flight, what if I like was moaning uncontrollably, what if I was saying "Give it to me/ummnnh", what if I touched myself? 

Feels like I have just had the best sex available to mankind. After that I start to think, What are sex dreams about, anyway? There are supposed to be all kinds of scientific ways to tell what your dreams mean by looking at dream symbols. So I do a Google search for "I dreamed I had sex with a stranger" and this is what I find:

"Sex happens inside the mind. It is what makes lovemaking exciting and fun. Dreams can help you express and maintain this positive fantasy...People who appear in your dreams represent aspects of your own self that you may be unaware of. They can also represent the person you would like to be and to dream of sex with that person indicates that you hope to integrate those qualities into your personality"  

I guess that means that according to author of this article, I am dying to be an exotic male with an impossibly hairy chest. But that is not right. I like to be myself and mysterious. I do not want to be anybody else, but me. Most of his thinking is however true and I do agree with his opinions. 

The kind of dreams I usually have are about getting things I really like, and sometimes I do have sex dreams too. They were not part of my childhood of course, but I do remember having "wet dreams" in my late teenage years. I would dream about something completely random, and sometimes imaging my deepest fantasies, Oh yeah...

In the end, I really need to find a suitable place to dream (like my bed!) and not in the middle of a flight. But if this taught me anything, I guess it is that it does not matter If It is real or not! Sex dreams are part of our lives. Question is: How deep would you like to go? 

I spell SEX with capital letters

by Jane Twain on 04/24/15

There were no shortage of opportunities to lose my inhibitions over last few weeks. Despite being in Dubai and Doha only during summer time, it was a feast full of joyful moments and sexual delights. Talking about pleasure!

For example, let me mention my adventure which happened in Doha a few weeks back. Having full sex outdoors in Doha, Dubai or even Muscat is not an easy piece of cake. In fact It can go terribly wrong. However forbidden fruit is very tempting. This is why we think about it day and night. The only way to get rid of it is to yield to it and taste it... So I decided to go for it!

One gentleman I am personally very fond of invited me to his apartment which is located in the city. A tall skyscraper, one of the many in Doha. His place was a nice flat located on one of the higher floors. "Would you like to have a drink?" He asked. I smiled and said "I think so". I do not usually drink whisky, however on that evening I was in an unusual mood. "Why not?" I thought. "Only one glass would do no harm". "Well, congratulations". He toasted me with his glass "If It is not the wrong thing to say". We conversed for a while talking about his life and my sexual adventures. 

"It is time" he said. "Remove the dress". I complied with this command, stepped from it and put it on the chair. He took my hand and lead me outdoors on his huge balcony. "And the bra and the panties" he said. I removed both of them and faced him, naked but for the stockings and garter belt and high heels. I felt light wind on my naked body. I felt incredibly aroused. The lips of my vagina pulsed with blood and my strawberry nipples came erect. His hands began to explore them kissing them and holding my buttocks. I would feel weakness of desire in my legs. Our faces came closer, our lips parted and we kissed.

We began to explore each others curves, our tights began to move in small circular motions against each other. I moved on my knees with my lips parted in readiness. I reached his penis and started playing with it. "Suck it", he said. I lowered my head and took the head of the penis in my mouth. I felt the foreskin peel back in my mouth and the glans slide out. I made more saliva so that it swam in my wetness and I smothered it with my tongue. " I love it " I was thinking.

I sucked and licked, alternating passion with gentleness, and I used my hands around. "I was right about you Miss Jane Twain", he said "I knew it from the moment I first saw you". He reached beneath me and palmed my breast and squeezed it. He picked me up and carried me to mattress nearby. He stroked my pussy, took it in his mouth and started licking it. He smiled at me in between. My body arched in desire as his smile held a promise I could not explain...I gasped as fingers went inside me without any notice. Two fingers went inside and began a rhythm. He pushed his erection in my face and I began to suck it once again. My nostrils were filled with his smell and my mouth with his penis.

"Do you want fucking, Miss Jane Twain?" he said. The penis had gone from my mouth and was between my legs which now lay spread. He moved inside me. His eyes stared intently on my face and sweat ran across his cheeks. I stoked his hair, my fingertips on his back. I pulled my legs more around him. Twisted with desire I started to groan. " Stand up" he said. I did what he said holding a balcony barrier. He moved behind me slowly sliding his penis inside my pussy. "I like to be taken from behind" I was thinking. Above me I could see stars from the night and below parking space for cars. It was risky, but so exciting! "How does it feel?" He asked. At this point I was too aroused to talk or even to think. I just enjoyed the sensation of it... He started moving faster and faster. Finally losing control himself he rolled me over. "Can I cum on your breasts?" He moaned. I nodded in agreement. His penis jerked on my body and spat out cream that was slippery and hot.

"It was very nice, Miss Twain" He said. I stood up and kissed him. "My pleasure" I replied.

Benefits of satisfying your sexual desires

by Jane Twain on 04/24/15

Is Jane Twain becoming a doctor? I do not think so, but I might classify as a nurse :) Talking seriously, Sex is good for your health. It is not actually being horny that it is so good (but of course being horny is a sign of health and a good drive!), It is engaging in erotic activity that makes your body much stronger. You must have read one of the articles about it. It is a well known fact. Let me recall you a few benefits that erotic activity is good for (I use "erotic activity" here as I do not only mean sex itself, but also other kinds of intimate contact between male and a female):

Sex promotes heart health - Men who have sex twice a week have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease then men who have less frequent sex.
Doing it burns calories - Of course, It is an intensive psychical activity. It is like a gym, but more enjoyable.
Sex is a natural sleeping pill - I am sure you remember a time when you slept very good after a massage and/or sex?
Sex stifles stress - Erotic activity like exercise, releases anxiety, lowers stress hormones, and can help people cope with mental pressure.
It keeps the doctor away...- People who have sex once or twice weekly have stronger immune systems.
More sex may turn back the clock: - Pleasure deprived from having good sex releases hormones that are essential in preserving youth.

There are many more benefits of course. I just mentioned a few to give you a brief idea. As erotic activity is important for your health, It is also important to have it with a right partner. There is no point in engaging in a lot of sex with many different people whose health is to be doubted. With so many diseases present those days, one must have sex with mindful awareness and with a right person.

And speaking about health, I know that profession of masseuse and an erotic companion is the one of meeting a lot of people of different background and nationality. Although I am very selective and only meet gentlemen who I find suitable for personal encounter, I know that health checks are important.

I am proud to say I am well behind another check and I am totally clean! :)

For those gentlemen who like to engage with healthy ladies only, certificate is available.

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