Before we meet:

Please read my website before writing or calling. When visiting me please make sure your hygiene is impeccable. I am always freshly showered and clean and I expect the same.

Our appointment: 

Make sure you are respectful. 
Gentlemen that treat me with respect and courtesy will be treated in kind.
 I like to be pampered, and I like to pamper...

Once I arrive to meet you, please have the agreed gift prepared discreetly inside an open envelope and hand it to me within our first minutes together.

​Last and not least....
RELAX! This is your time to pamper yourself.


Even if you aren't sure you'd like to ever meet for a date, I encourage you to reach out and speak to me if you feel so inclined. I have been absolutely enamored by some of the letters I have received. Your words will be met with eagerness and kindness. 

I will never attempt to contact you by phone until we have arranged a time that would be mutually agreeable. 

I value your discretion

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I am Jane Twain,

I take great pride in being well traveled, intelligent, healthy, thoughtful, elegant, passionate, sweet and playful.

I love what I do and treat my clients accordingly. Experience my talent; You will reach full physical and mental relaxation during our session. Awaken your dormant spirituality through Massage & Tantra.

I grew up in Poland. Although I may look Polish, in my mind I am somehow atypical. Because I left my home country in 1998 I have been largely influenced by Dutch culture. I am left handed and always been somehow a rebel. At this point in my life this rebelliousness is more of a fun then action. I know Amsterdam inside out. Sometimes I say "Blind me, give me a bike and I will find my way around". I have lead somehow atypical life. I always longed for adventure. I fund Dubai by accident. After years of traveling I decided it would be a great place for me to settle down for a bit and grow my roots. Finally at the beginning of 2017, after 9 years of Arabian adventure I decided to reconnect back with The Netherlands. It was somehow a challenge after having got unused to the colder weather. Some people say " weather is not everything" and I tend to admit that they could be right. I like the open mindedness spirit of the city, the freedom, the smiles on some of people faces. Somehow it fits my rebellious self, forgotten part of me now fund again. Life is about making choices. I decided that because I still find joy in travel and find tropical weather refreshing, to spend European winter months (November till March/April) in Malaysia & Singapore. I also decided that I will be stopping in Dubai now and then (and possibly Bahrain / Kuwait) to reconnect with my Arabic friends. Summers are (April - October) for Amsterdam and I shell grab them with both of my hands.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  

You can also find me often in: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait.

Please do not take me for typical escort service. Although I try to be the best at what I do and have a genuine passion for tantra & erotic side of life, I treat meetings as more of a hobby and adventure then actual job. It means I am a part time courtesan, and not a full time escort.

Age: I would usually not say it. After all "Do not ask lady her age" might have some timeless meaning. Nevertheless because of commercial nature of this website, I find it a bit of duty to mention mine. I like to indicate that I am in my ripe age of 30 something. I do not think I am old, I also do not think I am young. Sometimes I feel like a teenager (and that is in my head). As for my looks, photos here are updated often, are not edited in any way so I believe they are good representation of myself. 

Height & Weight: I am normal height for European woman. Because I am very slim and sometimes I wear high heels (not on my bike!) I may seem taller in some photos then I am in reality. 

I treat my body as my own personal temple. Currently my hair are natural brown with shoulder length. I have blue & green eyes because of my Polish roots. I pride myself with keeping my body natural with no cosmetic surgery on my breasts. They are naturally small and firm. I think it must be due to my rebelliousness of not wearing a bra when I was a teenager. It could also be due to the fact that I have never had children. No tattoos and no piercings (except my ears). 

Some gentlemen who like to invite me to dinner could find it useful to know my eating preferences. I do eat meat, mainly fish but occasionally also chicken. I avoid anything with wheat (no pizza or pasta for me) and I do not eat rice. I also do not eat anything that contains sugar. Daily my diet is mostly vegan with a few touches of eggs & fish for variety. I do not smoke. An occasional cocktail with vodka is fine with me, majority of the time though I prefer to avoid alcohol. If you are a tea fan, so am I. I drink lots and always like to try new flavour. I love fruit. During my travels I always like to try new exotic types. Maybe one of them will become my favorite. 

Favorite places: Florence, Italy

Places which I wish to visit: St. Helena Island, South Pole 

What turns me on in a man: chest hair, glasses 

Hobbies: reading (mostly non fiction), Tantra & Erotic spirituality, biking around Amsterdam, sunbathing, travel

How old was I when I lost my virginity: 21 years 

Things I can not live without: health, intimacy, nature, sun